Since its establishment, the Sirius Foundation made 6 calls for grant proposals, whose focus was chosen based on the need of systematic and methodological processing of certain areas in the care for vulnerable children. In addition, the foundation has supported a number of projects in the form of direct grants. These projects are concerned directly with innovative solutions for serious problems, support cooperation and sharing of good practice among non-profit organizations, and contribute to better public awareness of the issues of care for vulnerable children.   

Topics of calls for grant proposals in the individual years:

2008 – Improvement of Services for families - Rehabilitation of Vulnerable Families
2009 – Development of Alternative Family Care in the Czech Republic
2010 – Provision of Support Services for Families of Children with Disabilities
2011 – Support for Child Protection Workers
2013 – Early Support for Families and Children during Diagnostic Process and Adaptation to the Child’s Disability
2015 – Support for Young People Aged out of Foster Care